Securely prove your crypto holdings

Get a statement from your crypto portfolio in seconds.

Without sharing your keys or moving funds elsewhere.

When you hold crypto, you hold the power of a bank.

However, this autonomy comes with a challenge: no one can issue you a letter that says "This guy has $100,000 in his possession".

But sometimes you need this letter, so here you can generate it.

How it works

You sign one transaction in ETH chain with your Metamask;

The tool calculates the price of assets that you hold across all EVM chains;

The tool generates a statement with your data and explanations for non-crypto guys.

The statement will look like that

Why do I need a crypto statement?

To name a few cases: rental applications (prove that you have money to pay rent), visas and residency permits applications (prove that you have enough money to stay in the country), international education (prove that you have enough money to study) or simply flexing in front of your friends.

Are you sure that this statement will be accepted?

We are not sure, but it will cost you only 0.005 ETH to try, so it's worth the shot. Maybe someday this try will mean as much for a crypto movement as 10000 BTC spent on two pizzas back in 2010.

How do you store data?

We store data only for the generation of the statement. I promise to clean the records out every several days.


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